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First we would like to thank you for considering the Maria Jones Law Firm for your Fiancee Visa processing needs. Due to our years of experience working with couples going through the Fiancee visa process we realize just how important this is to the both of you. We also know that you want the process to go as quickly and smoothly as possible. That is why we offer you the most professional, and fastest service available anywhere.

Our law Office has developed three level of services from which you can choose. Regardless of which level you choose rest assured you will always receive fast, professional, and courteous service, that is our pledge to you.


The Premium service includes everything you would normally receive in the Basic service, plus ongoing support for your Fiancee. Once the Basic Service is successfully concluded your petition will have been granted and the appropriate embassy will be alerted. At that point they will contact your Fiancee and send her a packet containing instructions and forms necessary to set the interview date. Your Fiancee will have to fill out the forms and collect the appropriate documents, including police reports, divorce certificates, etc. etc. and have them ready for the interview. She will also be given instructions as to where and when to undergo the required medical examination.


Phone consultation with Fiancee The attorney will call your Fiancee and conduct a phone consultation with her in her native language. During the phone consultation the attorney will explain the entire process to the Fiancee and answer any questions she has.

Embassy's packet for Fiancee The Embassy will mail the Fiancee a packet including certain forms that must be completed by the Fiancee. Our office will complete the forms for the Fiancee and mail them to her prior to her even receiving them from the Embassy. This will help to speed up the process so the interview can be scheduled as quickly as possible.

Embassy Communication If necessary, our office will handle all correspondence or telephone contact with the U.S. Embassy.

Fiancee Counseling Attorney Ms. Jones has been through the visa process herself and knows first hand how nervous one can be about the interview and the entire process in general. The fact that some members of the U.S. Embassy tend to view some fiances with a skeptical eye, questioning their true motives, does not help. Our staff will call the Fiancee and review, in depth, all the paper work and supporting documentation as well as exactly what will take place at the interview so the Fiancee knows what to expect and will feel more at ease.

Assistance in the Embassy City We will have our staff meet with your Fiancee in the Embassy city (Moscow or Kiev) and assist your Fiancee through the remainder of the process. If your Fiancee does not live in the Embassy city we can assist with making arrangements for travel and lodging. One of our staff will also meet personally with the Fiancee and go over her paperwork and discuss what will take place at the interview one final time. We will also assist with making sure that the Fiancée has no problem completing the medical examinations.

It is our goal to be sure that all the paper work and supporting documents are in proper order, and that your Fiancee is relaxed and confident for the interview.


The Fiancee only service is meant for those who have already had their petition approved and wish to use the Embassy or Fiancee services only. This service includes everything the Premium Service includes less the Basic Service features.


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Here are some recent testimonials we have received in reference to our service:

I just wanted to drop a note to say thank you. I am thankful to find your services and I appreciate all that you have done for me & Katya.

As you all know I was engaged in Nizhny Novgorod on our trip. When I returned I hired an attorney to do all the paperwork. Today I recieved the approval of that Visa from the INS, it now goes to the National Visa Center for processing which will take approx. 2 weeks, from there Marina will have her interview in Moscow and then come here.

The Attorney made all the Difference!
Rick W

I just wanted to tell you something. I have had some experiences with attorney's over the years and I appreciate your personal interaction and prompt replies that isn't usually the case with most I've dealt with. It speaks well of you in my eyes and I would reccomend you highly to anyone needing your services.
Thanks, Ron

We did it, Elena got the visa right away, she did not sleep at all the nite before. Thank you for your help and I will contact you when Elena gets here to go over pre nuptual interpretation and thank you personally for your help. Your still invited to the wedding, I know you would have fun , also it would be good p.r. for again,
Dennis and Elena
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